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History of Kimekomi dolls

History of Kimekomi dolls

What is Kimekomi doll?

 Sanban by Mataro the First

It is said that Kimekomi doll was first made by Tadashige Takahashi who served for Kamigamo Shrine in Kyoto in 260 years ago. The doll was made of willow grown by Kamo river. Takahashi dug some shallow gouges and stuck some cloth from the costume of Shinto priest.
(Picture: Sanban by Mataro the First)


The dolls showen above are made by Takahashi in 1736-41. The motif of the dolls is the Seven Divinities of Good Luck.


During Bunka period, dolls that Daihachiro, who has a grand son of Tasashige Takahashi, made ware called Daihachi dolls. This doll is one of Daihachi dolls, Suzume Odori(Sparrow dance).

Most of dolls are less than 10cm height and variety kinds of dolls are seen.

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